It's Your Birthday, Peter..., Conclusion

News: 10/23/2009

Hello readers,

Today's is not an ordinary comic. Today's is our 100th comic.

(*Dan's Note: Looks like Mike has a lot to say today! Be sure to read it to find out about our AWESOME CONTEST*)

The World Wasn't Meant started in spirit when Peter and I were driving somewhere to pick up moving boxes. He made some comment about where a science student could get a job and I made a joke about how much cooler I was for studying music. That was when we came up with the crazy idea that we could make a pretty funny webcomic.

It wasn't until a couple months later that we took some pictures of Peter on a phone outside and myself sitting by the computer, and I sent them to Dan with an incoherent message asking if he could make it look like a comic. When I saw what would become our model for early comics, I knew we had something we could work with.

But it was when Peter read about the New England Webcomics Weekend that was approaching that we set a goal for ourselves. We would launch a website with 7 comics to start by the weekend of March 20th so we could go to a convention and say "Yes! ... We do this thing." It was there that we met Alex Bettigole of Oak Street Wilds, who we promised to plug whenever possible for making a wonderful comic that was a twisted cross between Calvin and Hobbes and Samurai Jack. We found an awesome community of creative, funny, brilliant people that inspired us.

And now we're here. Maybe it was "Time flies when you're having fun" (because writing and shooting these comics were almost ALWAYS fun), or maybe we just powered through the 3 comics a week for long enough. The point is that this has come a lot farther than we really thought it would. And we may not be a huge name like Penny Arcade or Questionable Content or Dinosaur Comics. But we know that there are awesome people out there who read this comic. People who comment on our message board, our Facebook page, and our Twitter account. And we appreciate that so much.

We want to thank each and everyone of you that read this comic over the past several months. It means so much to us that there are people out there that are not our parents who are reading our comic. We want to show our appreciation with a little sweepstakes...

The World Wasn't Meant Twitter Sweepstakes!!
To Enter:
1) Follow us on twitter at (Register for twitter if you have to. It's easy.)
2) Tweet the message "My favorite World Wasn't Meant is: [link] #TWWMsweeps" where you replace [link] with the link to your favorite comic.
3) That's all you have to do. The deadline for entries is October 31, 2009 at 12:00 AM EDT (next Friday night at midnight).

The Prizes:
At the end of that period, we'll collect up the entries and select 3 winners at random, each of whom will receive a signed print of the comic they tweeted.

Rules and Other Details:
-We're only going to count the first entry from each twitter username. You can post as many links as you want, but we're only going to count it as one entry.

-The first and second names drawn will be removed from the pool after they're picked, so there's no chance of winning twice.

-We'll announce the winners next Monday (November 3rd) and get in contact with them to get their addresses and other information.

So do the same thing I've asked you to do the past 7 and a half months... keep reading! And thank you all so much for staying with us!


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