We'll Shoot Your Eye Out, Part 1

News: 12/14/2009

Hello Readers,

Well, it's Mid-December, and that means Christmas!!! My favorite time of the year. There's all the decorations, the food and drink, the presents, the family, and most importantly... the memories.

I know I don't write in this thing as a blog very often, but since Christmas and Movies are two of my favorite things, I'm gonna do a countdown to Christmas with my 6 favorites. I'm not speaking for everyone here at World Wasn't Meant, just myself. Check out the forums to discuss your favorite holiday movies!

And don't forget to come back on Wednesday! Today marks the beginning of a wonderful holiday adventure!



Christmas Movies!

#6 - Die Hard - Warning... there are spoilers for Die Hard and Lethal Weapon.

Yes, obviously Die Hard is a great action movie with John McClaine, one of the coolest protagonists of all time. But what makes it a good Christmas movie?

At face value, Die Hard is a thrilling action movie with solid characters, witty banter, a top-notch villain, and enough gun fights and explosions to invade a small country. And yes, it happens to take place around Christmas. Sounds like Lethal Weapon, doesn't it? So what separates these late-80s, LA-based, Christmas action movies?

It's about redemption and sacrifice. I'm not going to say John McClaine is a Christ-figure (the German dude at the end was the guy who came back to life), but he went out there and risked his neck to keep his family together. I'm not just talking about saving Holly's life, but he went to LA to win her back. This was a man who was unwilling to change at the start of the film, but the violence and mayhem we always associate with a good Christmas helped him and Holly figure out their priorities. So hey McClaine children... Merry Christmas. Not only are your parents alive, but they're back together.

And let's not forget our delightful supporting cast. Hans Gruber is the Grinch that threatens Christmas. Does he learn in the end? Yes and no. Yes, he learned the catchphrase, but no, he's dead now.

Arguile is your Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer character. Usually he's driving a cab, not chilling in a limosine with all the other reindeer. But because he was in the right place at the right time, he saved Christmas and stopped that other guy from escaping. Way to go, Arguile!

And Al. How could we forget Al? He plays Clarence to McClaine's George Bailey. Sure he's not perfect, but he's a lovable guy trying his best. And then at the end, he gets his wings. It's more about shooting a surviving terrorist than it is about a bell ringing, but the message is the same.

Don't get me wrong, Lethal Weapon is a great movie. But as far as Christmas themes go, Mel Gibson's big moment comes when he says, "OK, I guess I won't kill myself THIS year." Die Hard really brings the holiday spirit.

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