We'll Shoot Your Eye Out, Part 4

News: 12/21/2009

Hello readers,

We're getting ever closer to Christmas, and I don't know about you, but I'm wicked excited.

Hope everyone had a good Hanukkah! We made latkes and watched Inglourious Basterds.



Christmas Movies!

#3 - A National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Oh man, remember Chevy Chase? I think they said it best in Aaron Sorkin's short-lived show Studio 60, "One day Chevy Chase woke up and just wasn't funny any more." That day had not yet come when Christmas Vacation came out.

I don't think any movie has made me want to be a dad more than this one. Just so I could live through every painful second of it, and still have that Christmas spirit. And even at the end, when everything is INSANE and everyone's ready to leave, and he says 'No way, man... you are staying here with me and we are celebrating CHRISTMAS.' It takes a certain kind of man to commit false imprisonment against his own family in the spirit of the season.

And Chevy Chase aside, there is not a single performance that leaves you wanting. The cast has an incredible chemistry that makes this movie work. Like Julie Louise-Dreyfus and that other yuppie neighbor! Remember how Elaine is in this movie? Hilarious!

On a more personal note, this movie was something my family would always watch with my grandfather once December came around. This is the second Christmas we've had without him, but when I watched it with my family last weekend, my mom said she still heard every time he would have laughed. And knowing him, I knew what scenes would crack him up too.

The shame about Christmas movies is you can't really watch them all year round. This is not just one of the funniest Christmas movies in my mind, but one of the funniest movies. There's a slapstick brilliance to it that we just don't see anymore. Like that scene where they go sledding. Do you think any studio would make this movie today where that wasn't CGI? And what makes it so funny is that it IS real. I love a sweeping epic just as much as the next man (and when it's Lord of the Rings, I love it way more than the next man), but sometimes when there's CGI going on, you're so preoccupied with how real it looks that you're not really looking at it.

So here's to Christmas Vacation, capturing the reality of a family Christmas along with all the fried cats, ruined turkeys, and sexy sales ladies that come with it.

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