We'll Shoot Your Eye Out, Conclusion

News: 12/25/2009

Hello Readers,

Merry Christmas!!! Christmas is the best. There's food, family, cozy fires, Christmas movies, and presents!

Also, go us for actually updating on this holiday. It means I have to stay up until midnight to update. God help you all if Santa skips my house because I'm updating this comic for you.

So enjoy our comic, enjoy the holiday, and come back next week.



Christmas Movies!

#1 - A Christmas Story (Warning: Spoilers are Below... don't read this until you see it)

I saved the best for last. Maybe the past two weeks of comics made it clear how much I love this movie, but in case you didn't catch that... I love this movie. The narration MAKES this movie, but the kid playing Ralphie brings it. Everyone brings it. Darren McGavin and Melinda Dillon are PERFECT as the nameless parents. They provide a solid anchor for the rest of the mostly child cast that helps make this movie work.

In my mind, this movie is up there with others such as "This is Spinal Tap" and "The Big Lebowski"... every scene can stand on it's own and every scene is memorable and hilarious. You try to describe the movie to someone who hasn't seen it, and you find yourself rambling on about a lamp shaped like a leg, or amplifiers that go to 11, or a missing toe... yes, you're explaining something that happened in the movie, but you're not even beginning to touch on the brilliance.

And "A Christmas Story" isn't just a funny movie. It really portrays the dynamics of the relationship a child develops with their parents. The way Ralphie's mother covers for him when telling the Old Man about the fight with Scott Farkus marks the first time in his life that she's not acting just a parent, but as a friend.

When the Old Man gives him the BB gun on Christmas morning, he's passing him a torch. His father got him one when he was a child, and now he is giving one to his son. It's the first time the father and son do something together. That point is driven home when Ralphie tries to help change the tire. The look of shock and confusion the Old Man gives him lets us know he has NO IDEA why his son would be out there to assist. When he shows his son how to use that air rifle, both of their eyes are lit up, and for the first time, they're excited about the same thing.

So go out and watch these movies! Watch them with friends and family! Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, watch them to celebrate the season and the idea of everyone putting aside differences and sending out good will to all.

Merry Christmas!

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