Special Cookies Unit, Part 3

News: 02/12/2010

Hello Readers,

In case it's not obvious, the word "cookie" is in every single line.

So... Abe Lincoln's birthday, huh? Pretty cool stuff!

Seriously though, check out our friend Josh's blog. Back in high school, Brian, Dan, and I (not Peter) were in a band with Josh. He played the bass and keys like nobody's business and we rocked. Also featured is the documentary our friend Maddy made of us where Brian and I sound like pretentious douchebags. Check it out!


PS. Peter says "Also Charles Darwin. In case you wanted to know? Charles Darwin's birthday too. Same day, same YEAR. 1809, I believe"

Yes, I live blogged Peter's stupid comment.

PPS. Also my Dad's birthday!! Happy birthday, Dad!

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