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News: 03/22/2010

Hello Readers,

What's that? A comic?!

Would you expect anything less?

Just a heads up, we might be changing the way our News page works. There won't be a specific page for the news posts, they'll be attached to the comic they were written for. To make up for this travesty, you might want to keep an eye out for personal character/our own blogs. Want to read Peter's take on NASA's latest blunder? Looking for Mike to weigh in on the new Jeff Goldblum flick? Interested in Brian's top 5 serial killer tips? If I promise it now, it's more likely we'll have to deliver!

Come back on Wednesday, or I'll tell Brian where you live.


**Dan's Note**

You may have noticed today's comic is not as funkalicious as usual in terms of the visuals. Basically, Mike is having computer troubles, and I am bogged down with life in general, and neither of us felt like starting our week with zero sleep. Never fear though, we'll be sure to get this shined up real pretty very soon.

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