Wally da Wino #1, by Peter Campbell

News: 04/09/2010

Hello Readers,

No, you're not seeing things. Today we have a special comic made by a very special boy.

You may see these "Wally da Wino" comics from time to time. We've introduced this aspect of the storyline because we often have jokes and stories of our own that arise from making our comic.

Wally da Wino has been a joke running since before we launched the comic. It's a single panel comic featuring a drunk rhino. It's something we find hilarious, so why shouldn't we force it on the rest of the world? That is EXACTLY the thinking that went behind the World Wasn't Meant anyway, so yeah. Deal with it.

So when we get a particularly funny idea for Wally, or we forget we need to post a comic and have 20 minutes to put something together or we get drunk, you may end up seeing a Wally da Wino comic. We promise that it will not be a regular thing and we will try to keep them few and far between lest they lose their simple charm or we get lazy and just do those every day.

So without further ado, Wally da Wino!


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