Wally da Wino #18, by Mike O'Brien

News: 04/15/2011

Hello Readers,

Look, we know. We're terrible people. We forgot about the comic until 9 o'clock, and Brian's been busy, and Dan's phone is acting weird so we can never get a hold of him, and taxes are due today... OK? Here's another God damn rhinocerous cartoon.

We're going to make some real comics for next week, I swear.



As Mike just mentioned, things have been a little busy. A part of that is that my girlfreind, Yui (who you have seen before), has been putting together a Japan Benefit Concert to help raise funds for relief efforts. For those of you in the Boston area, the concert is tomorrow April 16, 3pm, in Trinity Church in Copley Square. It would mean a lot to us if you would consider, or at least help spread the word about the event.

In addition to the concert, there is a raffle being run with prizes donated by local businesses. There are some seriously cool prizes in the running, so check it out even if you can't come to the concert.

Like I said, your support means a lot to us. Yui was born and raised in Japan, so these past few weeks have had its ups and downs. If you're in the area, consider checking out the concert/raffle and tell your freinds and family. If you're not in Boston, but still want to help, go to bostoncecilia.org and add a small donation. 100% of the proceeds and other funds raised will be going directly to relief efforts, so every little bit helps.


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