Shomer F*cking Shabbos

News: 07/17/2009


So a little back-story to today's comic, and some notes on religion:

When I was growing up, my parents raised me under that sort of generic brand of American Protestantism that really doesn't require that you believe in anything specific. We celebrated Christmas and Easter, but we never went to church or anything, and I was never baptized. Perhaps this explains my comment in our first comic that "I've never read [the Bible], but I get the gist of what's in there."

Fast forward now to the summer of my 19th year. My mother, in a rampage of genealogy, discovered that her mother's mother's mother's mother's mother (or something) was verifiably Jewish. And according to Jewish law, it's passed down only through the mothers. So by some quirk in the universe, I, bearing the same name as the first Pope, am officially as Jewish as anyone else in the world, up to and including Moses himself.

Now, how does this revelation actually affect my life? I don't keep Kosher, I drive and use electricity on Saturdays, and I (obviously) haven't grown out my payot. On the other hand, my parents divorced when I was 10, and my mother remarried a Jewish man. So I have fasted for Yom Kippur, held the chuppah at my (step-)cousin's wedding, and two years ago that half of my family quit Christmas cold turkey. On the other other hand, my father remarried a Presbyterian minister, so really, it all pretty much balances out in the end.

Overall, Mike is probably right. I play the Jewish card mostly to make his life inconvenient, though I would not be above using my rather tenuous (read: rock solid) connection to the Jewish people for my own benefit, such as qualifying for Birthright Israel, or getting VIP tickets for when the Messiah comes. I think you can read into this as a microcosm of the plight of the diaspora Jews living in etc. etc. etc. I'm bored writing this sentence now. Anyway, I hope you think the comic is funny.


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